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Pick me! Pick me! Oh I am so in love with these, thank you for sharing. My FAVE is (Jogakbo Sundress). And since I have 4 kids, I will make 4 wishes: For them to always have the deepest humilty, love, hunger for truth, and compassion.


My wish for children is that they can simply be children. That we as adults won't pressure them to be older, to always be preparing for that next step, but that we will allow them the joy and freedom of their youth.

I love Tea Collection, and my fave are all their dresses, specifically this one:



My wish is that children don't want to grow up too enjoy childhood to the fullest! I don't have my own kids but I have a niece and nephew that would look adorable in the tea collection clothing!

Boston Mamas

Thanks for this post Sarah-Ji! I clicked over from my feed b/c I was like, "Cool! I totally didn't know it was Children's Day in Korea!" And then I was like, "Cute! Awesome photos!" And then I was like, "Cool! I love Tea's Korea collection!"

Anyway, I love the Korean breeze graphic tee ( but the dresses are all cute too. -Christine


My wish is that my children grow up knowing how deeply they are loved and that they look back on their childhood with the happiest of memories.

I heart Tea!! and I think my son, Kaneu, would look so handsome in this Jeju Dragon t-shirt.

Geek in Heels

My wish is for all children to ENJOY being children and be given the opportunity to be and do what makes them happy with their lives.

I'm expecting my first child — a baby girl — in just a few months so I would LOVE to win the Chinese jacket at


My wish for Children's Day is for all children to enjoy peace and happiness. My favorite item is the Chrysmum Flutter Dress: .


Thank you for this opportunity. I wish for my children that they always know love of family and self. My favorite dress is of course the stunning Pojagi Dress:


I hope that my son grows up never knowing what it's like not to have a secure, happy home but that he will has compassion for those not so blessed.

I am in love with the girls' collection, particularly the pojagi dress:


I wish for my two little kiddies to stay healthy and happy. I wish my two year old boy could stay two just for a little while longer. I wish for all children in the world to know they're loved.

I really like mix/match concept of the "daily tea sets" and the dresses are all so gorgeous - if I can only pick one dress to put on my daughter, it would be the Supo Embroidery dress:


My wish for my 3 (Korean born) children is to know that they always have been, are, and will be loved; that they have the ability to dream big and be whomever they want; and that we will always support them.

My favorite items are the dragonfly print dresses and especially the Gyeongju Floral dress (


My wish for my children is to always believe in themselves and who they are....that they have the confidence to do the things they most want to do in life and to look back on their decisions and be happy they never let intimidation get in their way!

How can i pick just one favorite? My eyes today are drawn to this one I love the contrast trim and the bright reds and pinks

Amanda Gore

I wish for my three beautiful children to grow up always feeling loved, knowing that they can achieve whatever they put their minds too and that no one can ever make them do anything they don't want too! We love them and want the best possible out of life for them!
My youngest loves Tea and all the beautiful dresses

Amy Harkey

Oh I love TEA. my favorite item right now all of the little citzenclothing that gives back

I want all the children of the world feel loved by all people!


My wish for my 2 kids is that they get to hold on to their child like sense of humor and joy for as long as possible.

And my favorite thing from the Tea Collection right now is this dress: I can't justify buying it, because I bought my daughter the matching shirt, but I love it so much.

Jennifer Ladd

My wish for my daughter is that she is always able to face the world with a smile!

My favorite (so hard to pick!) is

I love Tea - I'm crossing my fingers!!


My wish for my kids is that they'll grow up with a strong sense of self and have an open heart and mind.

I'm obsessed with anything Tea! I'm hearting the Korean Breeze Graphic Tee right now for my daughter:

and the Horangji Tiger Hoodie for my son:


i wish for my two boys to never be afraid to be themselves and do what they love. i wish that when they grow up they would have a passion for making the world a better place.

Julie Kang

I wish my kids learn to conquer any challenges that may come their way, to never be discouraged for long. Perseverance and compassion are the keys to happiness.

I love practically everything Tea makes and buy from them often. Right now I have my eye on this gorgeous dress, since I have a suspicion that my little Emi would look cute in orange:

My Isaac in his Tea "Kimchee" shirt, lol:

Amy Morrissey

My wish is for my children to grow up as happy, healthy, responsible, and giving people in this world. I hope they will always know how much they are loved.

I just got my daughter this Camelia wrap dress and it is darling:

I love Tea for the beautiful, unique clothing style that still allows my little girl to look like a little girl!

Barbara Houck

My wish for all 3 of my children is an independent and confident nature and caring, empathetic hearts. I hope that they discover in life whatever truths that will satisfy their souls.
My favorite Tea dress for my Willow Grace (sadly my boys are too old for Tea) would be the Jeju halter dress.


My wish for Children's Day is for our kids to be grow up to be happy and healthy. We put so much pressure our children nowadays to excel and that sometimes we forget they're just kids. I named my daugher Chi-Yan (which means happy and healthy in Chinese) is happy and healthy is all I wish for her.

This is one of my current Tea favorite:


My wish for my son and daughter is that they live life to the fullest.

I am a huge fan of Tea and especially the Korean collection :) I LOVE it ALL but I really love this dress.


My wish for my child is that she laughs often, loves always and believes she can be what ever she wants.
My favortie thing from the Tea Collection is :


My wish for my two children is that they may always walk by faith no matter what. i also want them to know they have my husband and i for unconditional love and support! they should always follow their dreams...never hold back!
here are my favorites:

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