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My wish for my children is that they know that they are loved and accepted for who they are.

I love the boys button down shirts.


My wish is for all of the children in this world to experience the love of a parent. My wish for my son is that he grows up to be an incredible person filled with dignity, confidence and compassion.

Here's my favorite item!

Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!


My wish is for my children is to pursue their passions wholeheartedly and know that they always have their mama on their side.

i love the korea collection. this is my favorite!


For girls I like the Iris dress:

For boys I like the Nippon pullover:

I also love the current Korean collection as my children are half Korean/half Chinese.

My wish is for my children to be happy and healthy and to make their world a little better and brighter.


My wish is for children to learn how to love each other as themselves so that there won't be as much disparity and separation when they're older.

My daughter has the same Gukhwa flower dress. It's so beautiful. My favorite item from Tea has got to be their pinstripe pants for boys. They're comfy AND dressy at the same time. I LOVE their stuff. I'd be tickled to win a certificate for more well-made clothing from the Tea Collection. Thank you!


My wish for childrens day, is for art for every child, every day. I work with children assisting art teachers, K-8, and get to witness the transformative power of art. All children learn many lessons through art. A sample of oday's art at our school, a sample: producing props and scenes for an upcoming opera, creating and dancing with fish kites for childrens day, cinco de Mayo pinatas, creating paper lanerns to decorate for a school event, hip hop dancing, to name a few.

My favorite piece from the Korean collection is this ultra hip boys top. I wish they made the ombre polo in men's sizes for my husband.


I wish that all children feel loved, supported and secure.
Here's our favorite Tea item:


I wish for me to reconnect with my birth parents (I am going on a birthland tour to Korea in June).

I love this dress:

and I'm hoping that if I win it, I'll be able to put it on my baby girl (I'm due October 1st with my first child).

Eun Hee Kim

I wish my daughter and son grow up with a strong sense of self!


My wish for my son on children's day is to be proud of who he is and where he comes from, and be happy and always enjoy life.

My fav item from the tea collection is the Jeju dragon graphic tee.


thanks to sarah-ji for posting on KAM chicago about this! what a sweet idea.

i wish my daughter and all children the strength, compassion and creativity to overcome obstacles, and the capacity for joy when times are good.

i love this interpretation of a hanbok:

happy children's day!


I wish for all children to know love, trust, truth, and hope.
I love the Gukhwa Floral Dress, it is simply gorgeous!


My wish is for my kids to grow into strong women, beautiful both inside and out. My wish for the children of the world is to make it a better place than the generations before.


My wish for my child is that she remembers to always love and respect herself.

I also like the dragonfly flutter dress:

Jan K

I've been so tempted to add to our Tea Collection. :) I'm lovin' this lotus print:

Amber Cherrington

My wish for Childrens Day is for kiddos waiting for the families to get home soon.

My favorite line right now from Tea is


My wish for Children's Day is for my children: that they know how much that they are loved and remember to love others in the same manner....

This is the next dress on my list: I love the Korean line!!!

Chi Yun

My wish is that my son Michael Hyun grows up to be a strong, kind, intelligent, and respectful man. That he always knows how much his family loves and supports him (even if he doesn't end up being a doctor or lawyer the way his Halmoni wants him to be!!!).
I particularly love the Jeju Island surfing tee because we have family there, and I'd love to teach my son how to surf one day.


Love Tea!


My wish is that someday all children are as loved and cared for as my children are.


I dream that my girls would always feel loved and accepted. May they always have generous hearts that overflow.


My wish for my children would be for them to be all they want to be. To live life to the fullest and never think "I can't".

I love and


i wish that my son will have a room of his own.


My wish is that my two daughters will be the very best of friends. And that they wear these dresses this summer :)


My wish is for my daughter to enjoy life to the fullest and know that she is loved by many many people!

I love Tea Collection and all the beautiful Korean inspired prints! I love the daily Tea dresses, but one of my favorites is the Jogakbo dress...its so pretty!

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